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Four Questions (ish) To Ask Your Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

We want to grow our business and have happy customers after each job, the competitive nature of our business means there are some operators who cut corners, don't get trained or both, but it doesn't become apparent until they are on the job or after they have left! If you're unsure about who to get to provide carpet cleaning, the following questions may help you decide.

What's your process? We've all seen the flyers and Facebook posts. We believe that there are many different types of carpet cleaners out there offering services at different prices matching their individual situations.  From our position, can you run a profitable business charging the £10, £15 or even £20 per room? Without disrespecting any cleaners out there, How many rooms must be cleaned daily to cover your costs? How many must then be cleaned to then earn your wage? Carpet cleaning is hard work so if you're booking so many jobs, how long are you spending on each? Professional Carpet & Upho…
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Pets At Home

Many homeowners love pets, I'd say cat's and dogs would be the most popular. Along with the joys of fur baby company, come the joys of vet bills, who looks after them when you're at work, who walks them (if you have kids) - nobody considers the impact cats and dogs have on our carpets and soft furnishings.  As most people spend more money on their soft furnishings than anything else, it makes sense to prolong the life of carpets and upholstery by having them professionally cleaned. Cats, Dogs and even humans can leave sweat deposits on soft furnishings with regular contact, this can lead to premature ageing and damage. There are the obvious options like placing covers strategically, not allowing anyone to sit in your lounge or replacing sofas monthly, I'd say none of these is a complete solution. Soiling from pets often causes odour which can be difficult to remove, urine and faeces can make life even more difficult - like humans, infant pets have accidents and get poor…